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The city of Ordos, formerly known as Dongsheng, lies in the southwest of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and has a population, in its greater area, of 1,397,000. Located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the city is in the hinterland of the Ordos Plateau and is encircled by the Yellow River to the north, the west and the east. It is separated from Shaanxi and Shanxi in the south by the Great Wall. The terrain is higher in the western plateau area and lower in the eastern hilly area. The north part of the city area consists of alluvial plains while the central lands include the Muus and Khoqi Deserts. Ordos and Inner Mongolia are famous for their fertile grasslands.

Ordos belongs to typical temperate continental climate with clear four seasons and abundant sunshine. The rainfall is infrequent and is mainly concentrated between July and September. Winters in Ordos are usually quite cold and dry. Ordos is strikingly clean and pollution free city with year round blue skies.

Ordos, which means “many palaces” in the Mongolian language, has a rich history dating back to 35,000 years ago when some of the first inhabitants of the region created the Ordos Culture. Before the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC) established shires and counties to administrate this area, it was almost entirely governed by nomadic tribes. In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the Ordos Tribe was divided into 6 leagues. Today, Ordos has become a modern, rich and dynamic city. The resource rich Ordos has made considerable progress in economic development, especially in the industries of cashmere, wool, energy and chemicals; Ordos even has its own brand of premium desert oasis mineral water.

Several tourist attractions bring visitors to the area. The most famous of them is Genghis Khan's Mausoleum. The majestic mausoleum is made up of six halls and corridors, and a five-meter-tall (16-foot-tall) statue of Genghis Khan stands at its entrance. However, this mausoleum does not constitute the final resting place of Genghis Khan since it remains unknown. Nonetheless, in the seventeenth day of the third lunar month, celebrations are held each year to commemorate this great leader.

The Singing Sand Ravine is another popular tourist site located one hour away from the city. The one hundred meters (328 feet) high sand dunes are famous for creating powerful echoes in the wind hence the title “Singing Sand Ravine”. Here visitors can ride camels, race round in sand buggies and also slide down the impressive ravines on sand sledges.

Ordos is about a 3.5 hour drive from the provincial capital Hohhot and a little over one hour’s ride to Baotou. Overnight trains/buses can be taken to either Beijing or Xian. Ordos Aston English School opened in September 2008 and constitutes a new concept for Aston. It is situated in a villa, within a modern housing community offering a quiet and comfortable environment for both students and staff. The surrounding area is exceptionally clean, with wide roads and modern buildings. Our newly decorated school offers wireless internet access and a cozy lounge for our teachers to relax between classes and plan their lessons. The dynamic staff both Chinese and Foreign is always seeking new ideas to make everyone’s experience at Aston a fun and memorable one, with special events and activities all year long. Rich in natural resources, with a long history, colorful culture, well-developed industries and a clean environment, the city of Ordos has many attributes to make everyone, residents and visitors, enjoy their stay here.




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