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David Scott

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David in Dalian, China
(Mon-Fri 8.30-17.30)

  • China: +86 0411 83769995 EXT: 8432
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David is from the USA. He studied Chinese language at College and graduated with a degree in Mandarin and has been in Aston since beginning 2014 working in the western regions of China, getting to know the lesser known regions of China. He joined the Head Office Recruitment team in late 2015 to work as a full time recruiter


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Aston Recruiting Department Members Introduction

Gavin Parker - Recruitment Manager

Gavin Parker has been with the Aston Educational Group for a number of years. He comes from Australia with experience in sales. He did a few jobs in various cities in China before settling into a career with Aston. He started as a teacher and worked his way through various positions, from assistant manager, to deputy city director and regional manager. He is now the Recruiting Department Manager

Allie Liu - Assistant Manager

Allie is Gavin's assistant in the recruiting department. She has been working with Aston since 2003 in various roles form teacher to manager and has a very deep understanding of Aston's HR needs and a great understanding of working with the intricacies of the cultural differences between Chinese and Western differences.




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