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Changzhi(simplified Chinese: 长治; traditional Chinese: 長治; Pinyin: Chángzhì) is a prefecture-level city in Shanxi Province, People's Republic of China. This historical city was one of the 36 administrative areas under rein of the first emperor of a unified China. Literally speaking, Changzhi means 'eternal peace' in Chinese. Changzhi is conveniently connected to just about every city in China through bus, rail or air. Locally, the cities public transport network is also very well developed, so getting around town will be a breeze.

Locally, the environment is clean with good air quality most of the year. It’s ranked as having the cleanest air in most of Shanxi. The kind and friendly locals live a relaxed life at a slow pace, a welcome break from most of the frantic, big cities of China. The people of Changzhi are still relatively new to foreigners in China, so you would find a few curious onlookers giving you a stare or trying to initiate a conversation to learn more about you.

Something of great tourist interest is the Taihang mountain gorges which are a paradise of flourishing plants and animals. The beautiful scenes are everywhere among the precipitous cliffs, peaceful springs, grand waterfalls and great forests, set against a backdrop of majestic peaks and deep gorges. Dotted around the landscapes you will find mysterious temples, all this accompanied by the grand landscape that has inspired many a beautiful myth and legend through the ages of Chinese.



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