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Aston English is the flagship division of The Aston Educational Group. Aston English came into being in the city of Dalian in 1996. From the humble beginning of a single school it has flourished into one of China’s largest ESL operators in China with over 90 schools in 100 cities across 22 provinces.


Our main concentration of schools are found in Sha’anxi and Shandong province, but we are pretty much spread across the whole of China, from Inner Mongolia to Guizhou, Xinjiang to Jiangsu. We have no schools in Beijing or Shanghai as our main focus has been to bring English to where the people in central China, in the smaller 2nd and 3rd tier cities.

Curriculum & Syllabus

We have spent many years developing our own curriculum and syllabus. Our primary focus is on spoken and listening English with reading and writing as a secondary. Teachers will have full support with regard to text books. They are given a Teacher’s guide, Text book and Workbook for each level that they are responsible for teaching

Aston English Text Books

Training and Development

Before teachers start their contract they are required to go on a 2 day compulsory training course called TCERT training. This is an induction and orientation course where the newly employed teachers are introduced to the course books and materials they will be using during the course of their employment. They will also have the opportunity to share ideas in workshops and do practice classes to get them warmed up and some initial classroom experience.

During the course of a teacher’s employment they will attend weekly workshops, be observed by managers and teacher trainers and have the opportunity to request coaching or observe peer classes to help them improve or develop as teachers.

Class Levels

We have two level sets, Kindergarten and Pre School levels and then Primary school through to High school levels.

The Kindergarten and Pre-school levels are divided into two groups and the student ages range from 3 to 5 years old. The youngest level is called “Jungle Gym” which has 2 levels and is numbered accordingly, JG 1 and JG 2. The ages of these students are between 3 and 4.

After “Jungle Gym” we have “PC” classes. The “PC” classes have 4 levels; PC 1, 2, 3 and 4. The ages for these levels are between 5 and 6. “PC” stands for Parent Child, with both these levels there are 10 students in a class who are accompanied by their parents (The parent have no participation in class). The foreign teachers 30 minutes and is assisted by a Chinese teaching assistant. In PC 3 and 4 there are 12 students in class with no parents, the teaching time is the same and the foreign teacher is assisted by a Chinese teaching assistant.

The Primary school to High school levels is called “C” levels. The “C” levels are divided into the 4 levels of proficiency; Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. The students are placed in class according to their speaking proficiency so there may be a range of different ages in different classes. There are a total of 15 levels in the “C” levels with the youngest aged student being 7 and the oldest 18. The foreign teacher/Chinese teacher time depends on the proficiency level. Beginner and lower Elementary class time is divided 50/50 between the teachers, the foreign teacher teaches for 1 hour assisted by a Chinese teaching assistant. After the foreign teacher finishes their hour the Chinese teacher takes over and teaches another hour. The Upper Elementary/Lower Intermediate classes are split 75/25 with the foreign teacher teaching one and a half hours assisted by a Chinese teaching assistant and the last 30 minutes is taught by the Chinese teacher alone. The Upper Intermediate is taught 100% by the foreign teacher with the assistance of a Chinese teaching assistant for 2 hours and with the advanced levels the foreign teacher teaches a 2 hour class alone.

Facilities & Classrooms

Picture of an empty Aston English ClassroomPicture of an Aston English School Foyer

The Aston English classroom is very simple; each class has 18 desk chairs for the 18 students that will attend the class and a whiteboard or glass board. The younger levels have smaller furniture and are more geared towards the height of the attending small students.

The Aston 3.0 classroom has the same amount of chairs but have interactive whiteboards installed with audio and video capabilities.

A Map of China with School locations denoted through logos



March Semester 2014
Various Locations
7 to 9K RMB p/m

  • Free Shared Housing
  • 23 to 28 hour work week
  • No Hidden Hours
  • Sponsored Z Visa
  • Airport Pickup
  • Multiple Provinces
  • Free Chinese Classes
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