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Application Checklist
Application Checklist

If you're interested in teaching with Aston in China and wish to apply now, please submit your application here. You put in a general application by filling in the online form or you can apply directly for a position at a specific location. Applying directly to a location will greatly speed up your application process by putting you ahead in the queue and secure your opportunity to be considered for a particular location. This is very important should you be considering popular locations like Xi,an, Chengdu or Dalian.

If you simply would like to learn more about Aston and our schools, please go to the Contact page to speak to a recruiter live now on Skype if one is online, or email an information pack request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Below is a quick checklist to what you will need to apply:

During your application process, you should begin research on travel to China. At certain times of the year flights are more difficult to arrange and costs can fluctuate, so looking into this early is a good idea.

# What to Do and When Things to Keep in Mind
1 Go to the Application Page to submit your application for a general, or for a specific location of your choice with an available job vacancy. Please have a Word or PDF file of your resume ready to upload to the site.
2 At any time you can go to the Contact page with any questions and have a short chat about China and Aston or ask for an Information Packet from a recruiter currently online. You can also download a copy from here. The info packet will have a lot of information with regard to living in China and working with Aston.
Read over the information package carefully. Research the Aston website to determine if you can adapt to living in China and want to apply to Aston. Make sure to read the life in China page and the training page.
This is a very important step. If you have any questions now is the time to mail to our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it department, the schools, or current employees and ask.

Create a profile and securely upload your documents at:
The Aston Application Portal

Complete applications should contain:

If you would like to speak more about this step, contact a recruiter at our Contact page. There should be a recruiter online during Chinese work hours, or send them an email. All their contact details are available on this page.
a) A Native English Speaker from;
New Zealand
South Africa
a) Please note that there are only a few provinces that will issue invitation letters and work permits for South Africans. There are also a few provinces that are able to provide documents for some non-native English speaking countries, if you have the experience and qualifications, but success of application is not guaranteed. Please check with us for possible opportunities.
b) Brief cover letter b) Your cover letter should include your desired start date, contract length, number of hours per week and city preferences.
c) Resume c) Please make every effort to keep your resume condensed to one page.
d) Scan of passport d) The picture and numbers must be legible or the Chinese government will refuse to issue a visa. Please try to keep the scanned file size under 3Meg.
e) 2 Reference letters e) References must be either a letter, e-mail or fax. Just providing contact information is not acceptable as we must be able to print out references for visa purposes.
e) Scan of degree e) Again, try to keep this under 3Meg.
f) Scan of TEFL, TESOL, CELTA f) Again, try to keep this under 3Meg. If you currently do not have one of these certificates. Please speak to a recruiter with regard to this. Aston provides a TEFL course which you are able to attend before commencing employment. For more details check out the APT TEFL page on our website.
4 Once all of the documents have been uploaded, you will have a live application in our system and will be contacted by a recruiter within 24 hours of submitting your application. You can now track and monitor your application process through your profile at the Aston Application Portal All the recruiters are based in China and are available most days for interviews. Please feel free to contact them anytime on Skype;


Eugene at "eugene4ston"
David at "darysc24"
Stephen at "swmanningdl"
Gavin at "gavindalian"



or let them know how they can reach you.
(These are chat links, not call links and the recruiter may not be online at this moment. To see who is online please go to the Contact page.)


5 Phone interview This is the time to ask any last questions you have and confirm you are ready to teach in China.
6 Upon completion of a successful interview you will be offered a position in one of the AEG schools. After the interview the recruiter will send you a sample contract to review. Look it over carefully and confirm with your recruiter that you would like to accept the contract terms.
7 If you accept a position with an Aston School, Your recruiter will e-mail you an official contract and send you contact information for the school and the Location Manager of the school where you'll be teaching. You will be signing your contract with the school you are assigned to. Thus you must work with the school on the best way to get your signed contract to them. Some teachers will fax or scan the contracts initially, and then sign hard copies once they arrive in China. However, the actual procedure you follow will be up to you and the school staff.
8 Within two days, the City or Location Manager will send you an email to confirm your acceptance and send you a welcome e-mail .If you do not receive this email please immediately contact you recruiter so they can make sure your information has been received by the school. Your application documents will be made available to the school for purposes of obtaining your work visa invitation letters.
9 The manager will provide you with the necessary visa instructions and paperwork.You can also get more information with regard to your local visa consulate in your home country here. This process takes a varying amount of time dependent on the visa so be prepared to wait at least 20 days to receive your invitation letter and work permit and please start communications ASAP.
10 Obtain your visa You can obtain this yourself from any Chinese consulate around the world.
11 Arrange your flight to China and provide your itinerary to the school as per the contract. Please keep the school up to date on any changes in your travel plans as schedules are set for the entire year.
12 Fly to China and be picked up by the school at the airport or train station of your final destination. You should carry the school and manager's phone numbers with you to inform the school of flight delays or alterations in travel plans. The schools will always meet you when you arrive and will have someone available to help you adjust to living in China.



March Semester 2014
Various Locations
7 to 9K RMB p/m

  • Free Shared Housing
  • 23 to 28 hour work week
  • No Hidden Hours
  • Sponsored Z Visa
  • Airport Pickup
  • Multiple Provinces
  • Free Chinese Classes
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